For the cholla children

darling dahlia blooms, no scent yet vibrantly bold

lemon verbana a blend of green yet sweetly aromatic

canyon wren shaded by rock yet elusively beams

california hazelnut encased in armor yet deliciously vulnerable

did you really think the swift only exists in your line of sight?

for the cholla children perched on the nude dune:

feel the kestrel and the trail of swallow tails hum like annas bird. feel your soul vibrate like the feldspar sand.

we cannot see her. we cannot smell her. we cannot hear her. we cannot drink her nectar. but we can feel her.

She is here, in us.

Sep 02 19:25

layers undone

bite exposed

tears come

heart ahead

onion, me.

Sep 02 18:24
part dream

1. doing something wrong floating up on the machine, admitting to no feelings. grasping the waist, falling over, hanging on. vip alternative.

2. tickets, impounded, mom saving.

3. coachella like dessert for days. water resevoir, catching bugs. 21 bugs 21 bugs., eating puffy animal doritos with ruby, thinking she lost, not being able to breath, looking at all the lights, making it back

4. students food distribution for days, buckets, van, goryl, left blinker mishap

5. ET man, can see the zipper in the back, used to please the masses in a cowboy suit, orthodontist

Jun 14 15:14 with 1 note